Wastewater Program

About the Program

The purpose of the Wastewater Program is to protect the nation’s multi-billion-dollar investment in rural and small municipal water/wastewater systems by providing on-site technical assistance, which ensures cost-effective operations and adequate income for both operations and debt service within each state.

The NRWA has a total of 75 dedicated and talented Wastewater Technicians throughout the country, but are working through their State Rural Water Association. The primary goal of these technicians is to assist small, rural and economically challenged communities to enhance and maintain the financial sustainability of their wastewater systems through technical assistance and/or training.

Specific Responsibilities of Wastewater Technicians

  • Providing assistance to rural, unincorporated small municipal systems, tribal systems and incorporated municipal systems under 10,000 population
  • Travels throughout the state to offer on‑site technical assistance
  • Provides assistance in all areas of operations, maintenance, management, security, finances, loan application, health, and environmental issues
  • Provides the type of assistance that offers “training” rather than “fixing”
  • Prioritizes requests to ensure coverage of wastewater systems with serious health or economic problems first
  • Reviews new technical standards set and proposed by public and private organizations
  • Responds to inquiries from facilities, consumers, governmental agencies, and others regarding technical matters

Priority will be given to persons or groups who do not have access to proper wastewater treatment practices.

The Wastewater Program is considered one of the most technically demanding Rural Water offers. It requires technicians with many years of experience operating and managing wastewater facilities in order to provide the training and assistance needed to keep Rural America thriving.