Utility Management Certification Reaching Far and Wide

Utility Management Certification Reaching Far and Wide

Today, the water and wastewater industry is more complex than ever before. Economics, increased complexity in regulatory requirements and a changing society are crafting the water and wastewater systems of tomorrow.

Josiah Gitu Niarobi Kenya

Josiah Gitu, Niarobi, Kenya

As our industry changes, there is a strong need to recognize the individuals who provide management leadership to the industry and create a standard for the future manager to strive for, thus meeting demands of the future.

The Water University and the Utility Management Certification Program are designed to “Provide Recognition of Professional Growth and Accomplishments in the Water and Wastewater Industry.” The program allows participants to gain recognition in the water and wastewater industry and prepare for the future.

The UMC has reached many places far and wide, but this might just be the farthest yet. Josiah Gitu is the Commercial Billing Manager for the Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company in Nairobi, Kenya. He has worked for the company for 14 years, and it is the largest water utility in Kenya providing water and sewerage services to a population of about 4 million. Some of his responsibilities there include management of the revenue generation process from meter reading to customer invoicing and dispatch, he also workers with tariff or rates, and setting and providing revenue projections and budget proposals and guidance.

He is also tasked with the responsibility of developing strategies for revenue growth and development of ICT (information and communication technology) innovations for enhancing service delivery and the utility’s sustainability.

His goal is to provide the best leadership and management abilities that would keep the utility at par with other leading utilities in the world through benchmarking and learning from other professionals. Part of this includes completing the Utility Management Certification Program. He received his UMC Study Guide on January 24, 2020. We look forward to seeing his future success.

You never know where you might reach, so reach high! If you are interested in Utility Management Certification, please visit www.wateruniversity.org.