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While we cannot provide CEU’s to our attendees, all viewers will receive a certificate of completion after the webinar to keep for their records and submit to their state. Please contact your State Association for more information on CEU’s.

Upcoming Webinars

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How Greenville (IN) runs digital water system scenarios to improve network performance Hear about how Greenville operators are using a digital replica of their water system to test operational impacts before taking action in the field. Like many small, rural water utilities in the US, Greenville Water Utility doesn’t have an in-house hydraulic engineer at hand to pull up the town’s hydraulic model and run a quick scenario. So to understand the impacts of basic operational scenarios, as simple as turning pipes on and off, often means hiring consultants or testing in the field with the risk of unexpectedly impacting the customers.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about Greenville’s journey towards creating a digital replica of their water system to plan network changes independently and optimize network performance. For example, the team have recently used the tool to locate leaks in their network, by simulating added demand at different parts to pinpoint anomalies. What’s more, it’s provided a great way to onboard new team members, without extensive in-field training.
4/25/20242:00pm CDT1 hour
Harnessing Technology: Planning Ahead for Lead and Copper Program Management With the LCRR’s October deadline, and the proposed LCRI, effective management of lead and copper programs are paramount. This webinar delves into the innovative strategies and technological solutions essential for staying ahead of the curve.
Trinnex experts, Katie Deheer and Aaron Englehart will explore:
• How technology can prepare you for the LCRR and proposed LCRI
• How predictive modeling can rapidly reduce unknowns in your system
• Looking ahead: how to best engage the public and plan replacements
• How predictive modeling can rapidly reduce unknowns in your system" to - "How predictive modeling can reduce unknowns and prioritize field work

5/2/20242:00pm CDT1 hour
LCRR, Now LCRI - What You Need to Know With the service line inventory deadline quickly approaching, let’s talk about everything you need to know ahead of the deadline, and what to expect going forward from there.
We’ll answer some frequently asked questions, and answer as many questions live as we can.
We understand that the LCRI is complex and want to make sure you walk away with a solid understanding of what to expect. Don’t miss your chance to ‘ask the expert’ your LCRI questions!
Enter 120Water's Giveaway for a trip for two to the 2024 WaterPro Conference! View details and enter here: The winner will be selected live during this webinar.
5/16/20242:00pm CDT1 hour
Performance Matters: How to Maximize Funding by Optimizing Coatings Service Life to Obtain the Lowest Life-Cycle Cost The passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act in 2021 is offering the water sector a significant generational opportunity to restore our declining infrastructure. There is over $50 Billion in funding over the next five years to help make up the shortfall in funding the water sector has been struggling with for many years. To make the most of this new funding, it is imperative to innovate municipal procurement practices to get the “biggest bang for the buck”!
This webinar will explain how and why municipalities/utilities should align their procurement practices with their asset management and sustainability goals, drawing from an AWWA Opflow “Industry Insights” column published in July/August 2021. The core concept of asset management states the key objective is the “optimization of life-cycle costs”. Most municipalities and utilities make purchasing decisions based on awarding to the lowest initial CapEx costs rather than on the lowest life-cycle costs which will get them the biggest “bang for the buck”. Specific language changes to procurement documents will be offered to ensure lowest life-cycle costs are obtained.
5/30/20242:00pm CDT1 hour
Title of presentation Maintenance and Repair Coatings for Key Water/Wastewater Infrastructure Assets There are several generic types of coatings that can be utilized for maintenance and repair operations within the water/wastewater infrastructure. This webinar will discuss some of these generic types of materials and will lay out some of the pros and cons of using each type for different applications, including overcoat applications.

Water-based products will also be discussed as part of this presentation. Historically, solvent-based products have out-performed water-based coatings in certain service environments, but recent innovations in coating technology have allowed for higher-performing water-based alternatives on the market. As a result, asset owners can now consider some of these new materials for potable water immersion service or even service environments where top level color and gloss performance are needed. This webinar will discuss the many innovations with these next generation materials offering longer service lives and lower life cycle costs over the incumbent solvent-based materials in the market. It will be shown how longer service life will not only lower life cycle costs but also can provide a more sustainable solution for asset protection while not compromising the service life of the coating system being used.
11/14/20242:00pm CST1 hour

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