The National Rural Water Association hosts webinars each month at no cost to attendees. We provide informational, timely presentations to our attendees to help raise awareness of upcoming events, technologies and important industry news.

While we cannot provide CEU’s to our attendees, all viewers will receive a certificate of completion after the webinar to keep for their records and submit to their state. Please contact your State Association for more information on CEU’s.

Upcoming Webinars

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Cloud-Based SCADA Systems - Value, Functionality, Security, Flexibility: The Best Option for Small Rural Systems Cloud-Based SCADA systems can be used for any kind of infrastructure: water, wastewater, transportation, industrial and/or agricultural. A good system has high security, two-way communications, is flexible, and is low cost. It can integrate with any other data management system.

The attributes of a good cloud-based SCADA system will be discussed and analyzed and RealiteQ will be shown to possess these attributes.
8/8/20242:00pm CDT1 hour
Title of presentation Maintenance and Repair Coatings for Key Water/Wastewater Infrastructure Assets There are several generic types of coatings that can be utilized for maintenance and repair operations within the water/wastewater infrastructure. This webinar will discuss some of these generic types of materials and will lay out some of the pros and cons of using each type for different applications, including overcoat applications.

Water-based products will also be discussed as part of this presentation. Historically, solvent-based products have out-performed water-based coatings in certain service environments, but recent innovations in coating technology have allowed for higher-performing water-based alternatives on the market. As a result, asset owners can now consider some of these new materials for potable water immersion service or even service environments where top level color and gloss performance are needed. This webinar will discuss the many innovations with these next generation materials offering longer service lives and lower life cycle costs over the incumbent solvent-based materials in the market. It will be shown how longer service life will not only lower life cycle costs but also can provide a more sustainable solution for asset protection while not compromising the service life of the coating system being used.
11/14/20242:00pm CST1 hour

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