The National Rural Water Association Opens the 2018 WaterPro Conference

The National Rural Water Association Opens the 2018 WaterPro Conference

FORT WORTH, Texas – The National Rural Water Association opened the 2018 WaterPro Conference with a morning session on Sept. 17 in Fort Worth, Texas. The opening included speeches from NRWA President Steve Fletcher, Assistant to the Secretary for Rural Development at the United States Department of Agriculture Anne Hazlett, and NRWA CEO Sam Wade.

President Fletcher highlighted NRWA’s accomplishments during his two-year term, including a campaign to restore USDA funding after it was zeroed in the President’s budget and the launch of the new NRWA Apprenticeship Program.

Hazlett discussed the USDA’s commitment to providing infrastructure to rural communities and to streamlining the processes for utilities to access USDA funding. She also praised Rural Water’s emergency response efforts, which include responses to past Hurricanes like Irma, Maria and Harvey, and the current response to Hurricane Florence.

Wade praised the attendees, because the everyday efforts of utility professionals are what makes Rural Water successful.

“You are the engine of success for rural water,” he said.

WaterPro is the annual conference of the National Rural Water Association and is designed to bring together water and wastewater utility systems – large and small, municipal and rural – for sessions in operations, management, boardsmanship and governance.