Technology & Innovation Partners

The National Rural Water Association has built multiple partnerships with companies that share our mission to support safe and clean water in small and rural communities.  These companies are committed to improving, modernizing and supporting our program delivery through State Associations.

Digital Advertising and Retargeting Partner

The Association Partner offers precise, quantifiable, and sophisticated digital advertising opportunities to reach NRWA members, event attendees, and other important key decision makers in the rural water & wastewater community.

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Utility Financial Sustainability Partner

“Powered by Waterworth”

Through this program, rural or community water and wastewater systems of participating state-level rural water associations will receive discounted access to Waterworth’s online platform, as well as technical support and training from state association staff.


Waterworth is an easy-to-use web-based platform that enables you to optimize water rates and save for infrastructure
upgrades, so that you can achieve financially sustainable water and wastewater systems.

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GIS Mapping Partner

Location influences all aspects of managing water—from protecting a sustainable water supply to delivering safe clean drinking water. Esri’s goal is to help water utilities unlock the full potential of data and improve operational and business results.

For this reason, Esri partnered with the National Rural Water Association and created special offers for NRWA members to encourage their adoption of technology. Esri has supported the NRWA in establishing an enterprise GIS, which has assisted state rural water associations through their Similar Systems Program. The program is now integrated with NRWA’s enterprise GIS.

In addition to the technical work being done with NRWA, Esri and the NRWA established the Pass-through Program. This program was created to provide state rural water associations with assistance and technology to help their small and rural association members establish and implement GIS programs. The Esri/NRWA pass-through program is available to any of the state rural water associations that wish to participate and has been used to introduce and establish GIS data management at dozens of small and rural utilities since its inception in 2018. Esri actively supports the NRWA and their state affiliates to help them achieve their mission of assisting and representing small and rural water utilities.

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Save Water, Save Money Partner

aqKWa Savings Engine is a unique, self-service digital tool for any size of water utility that enables your customers to engage and interact with your business. The aqKWa Savings Engine helps your customers understand their water use, while identifying leaking fixtures in the home or wasteful irrigation systems outdoors. Water utilities reduce operational costs by managing customers’ expectations around their water consumption. 

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In 2021, aqKWA will release the GetWaterFit program, which offers branding, fixed pricing, mass usable data by water appliance, integration with social media and online rewards to encourage customers to meet business objectives. See for full details.