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Sutherland Springs, Texas Tragedy Touches “Rural Water Family”

We often refer to our industry as the “Rural Water Family”. When disasters and/or tragedy strikes one of us, it affects all of us. The tragedy in Sutherland Springs, Texas has touched the Rural Water Family. The Sutherland Springs Water Supply Corporation is a member of the Texas Rural Water Association. In the wake of… Read more »

Rural Water Begins Assisting Texas and Louisiana Utilities as Harvey Flood Waters Recede

DUNCAN, Okla. – Staff from the Texas Rural Water Association and the Louisiana Rural Water Association have begun providing assistance to the small water and wastewater utilities affected by Hurricane Harvey. As flood waters recede, these water professionals are beginning to assess systems, provide emergency power generation and provide assistance with repairs. TRWA has already… Read more »

Rural Water Prepared to Restore Water After Harvey

DUNCAN, Okla. – State Rural Water Associations, especially those in Texas and Louisiana are ready to respond to small communities once flood waters recede. “Restoring water and wastewater service is the primary goal of the Rural Water Emergency Response teams,” said Matt Holmes, Deputy CEO of the National Rural Water Association. The Rural Water Network consist… Read more »

Photo of Rural Utility Worker Goes Viral

HOOD COUNTY, Texas – The photo of a rural utility worker submerged upside-down in a muddy puddle has gone viral. A USA Today article reports that within two hours of the photo’s original posting on Facebook, it was receiving comments from Brazil. The picture shows 23-year-old Jimmie Cox, an employee of Acton Municipal Utility District,… Read more »

Rural Water Assists Flooded Communities

DUNCAN, Okla. –Responders from Louisiana Rural Water Association rush to build a berm of earth and plastic to protect a community’s wells from rising floodwater. It is only one example of Rural Water Associations in Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas working to protect and restore water service for communities threatened by recent floods. The flooding began after a… Read more »

Hilton elected NRWA President

SEATTLE, Wash. – Charles Hilton from South Carolina was elected to serve as President of the National Rural Water Association on Wednesday, October 8th in Seattle, Wash. Hilton was elected to the board of the South Carolina Rural Water Association in 1991 and to the NRWA board in 1999. Hilton opened is inaugural speech by addressing… Read more »

NRWA launching energy efficiency program

DUNCAN, Okla. – The National Rural Water Association will begin a new energy efficiency program designed to promote energy efficient practices in small water and wastewater systems. “Energy efficiency in utilities is an important part of ensuring that rural communities are sustainable,” said NRWA CEO Sam Wade. “”Small water and wastewater systems can benefit significantly… Read more »