Rural Water Assists in Pump Repair; Prevents Hospital and Nursing Home from Losing Service

Rural Water Assists in Pump Repair; Prevents Hospital and Nursing Home from Losing Service

FAYETTE, Miss. – When the City of Fayette, Miss. lost its last booster pump, the community’s nursing home and hospital were in danger of losing service. Assistance from the Mississippi Rural Water Association helped restore water to the community and prevent a disaster.

The city was supposed to have three booster pumps and a service pump, but two of the booster pumps had been out of service for several months and the remaining pumps were not operating at full capacity. When the service pump failed, several sections of the community were left without water.

“We had to cancel school and my nursing home and my hospital were about to lose water,” said Fayette Mayor Londell Enoches.

The community began calling state agencies, looking for assistance. The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency had limited options because there was no declared emergency, but they referred the community to MsRWA.

Joe Grammer, a MsRWA Circuit Rider, traveled to Fayette and began to assess the situation.

“They had ordered replacement parts, but those wouldn’t arrive for several days,” Grammer explained. “The pumps weren’t operating properly – they had a damaged impeller or something else – so they would have to be rebuilt.”

The Circuit Rider started calling supply companies and local well drillers, trying to locate parts. A drilling company directed him to Precision Armature, an electric motor shop. A tech from Precision Armature came to Fayette to assist with servicing the motors and pumps.

“He helped get one motor working,” Grammer said. “We disassembled the pumps. Then we used the best parts – we picked out the best impeller – to rebuild one good pump.”

“We got the city back up before dark.”

After the emergency, Grammer continued to assist the system.

“They had an aerator that was off-line because it had a split in the bottom,” he explained. “Mississippi Rural Water helped them locate another aerator.”

The Fayette water system needs to add lyme to change the Ph of their water and make it less corrosive. When one of their lyme feeders broke, Grammer helped locate a feeder from another community that had recently upgraded their equipment and helped arrange for Fayette to purchase the used feeder.

The assistance has been critical to allowing Fayette to provide clean drinking water to their 1,600 residents.

“I have much respect for Mr. Grammer,” Enoches said. “His help has been very important. He’s a great asset for rural Mississippi.”