Be Heard: How You Can Support Rural Water

Attend the Rural Water Rally

The Rural Water Rally provides an opportunity for supporters of our industry to make their case directly to their elected officials. Rural Water Associations in each state schedule meetings with Representatives, Senators and their staff, so that they can share the Rural Water success story, answer questions and build important relationships. Attending the Rural Water Rally also provides a unique opportunity to meet with association leaders and watch the Great American Taste Test in person.

Utilities: Write a Letter

Our greatest tool is sharing the ways that Rural Water assists small utilities everyday in the effort to supply their communities with clean, safe, affordable water. These stories are the proof that Rural Water operates effective programs that can reach every utility, from cities to the smallest and most rural community. Utilities that cannot attend Rural Water Rally personally can still support Rural Water’s Efforts to promote funding, technical assistance and sensible regulation for small utilities.

Has Rural Water Helped Your Utility? Write an official letter detailing how Rural Water has assisted your utility and the value they provide to you. Submit this letter to your State Association so they can carry your story with them into their meetings with your elected officials.

Anyone: Donate a Tweet or Facebook Post During Rally #NRWArepresents

Rural Water’s story is not about dollars or pipes or water towers – it’s about people. The men and women of this industry work to serve their communities. Show your support for Rural Water by donating a Tweet or a Facebook Post, with the hashtag #NRWArepresents, during the Rally. These social media expressions allows NRWA to visualize the support of the communities across the nation that benefit from Rural Water programs.

Rural Water Rally Registration

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Rural Water Rally Housing Information

Hyatt Regency Washington
400 New Jersey Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20001
Phone: 202-737-1234

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Schedule – 2019

Schedule Information Coming Soon

About the Rally

The Rural Water Rally brings utility system representatives to Capitol Hill to support funding for infrastructure, training and technical assistance. All events are held at the Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill.The Rural Water Rally includes the Great American Water Taste Test, where drinking water from around the country is judged to determine the year’s best. Entries in the national competition have already won their State Association contests. Think yours is the best? Put it to the test! Contact your State Association for details.

Great American Water Taste Test

The annual Great American Water Taste Test will be held at Noon on Wednesday, Feb. 7. Entries will be taken from utilities across the nation that have won their state association taste test. State winners can obtain GAWTT entry forms, mailing labels and deadlines from their state association.

Future Rural Water Rally Dates & Locations

February 4-6. 2019

Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill