NRWA Launches Savings Engine

NRWA Launches Savings Engine

DUNCAN, Okla. – National Rural Water Association (NRWA) has launched the aqkWa Savings engine,, to provide consumers with an interactive, personalized online tool to help save water, energy and money.

““The NRWA has partnered with the aqKWa Savings Engine to provide consumer education on water conservation through our 31,000 water and wastewater utility system membership,” said NRWA Deputy CEO Matt Holmes. “It will be an additional service systems can offer to encourage water and energy efficiency while improving customer engagement.”

The NRWA Savings Engine is a software platform that water users will log on through a mobile device or computer to answer current water and energy usage. In return, the consumer receives a comprehensive look of their water consumption with tips and advice where and what they can do to conserve water, cut energy use and save money.

This SaaS-based platform will be able to estimate water use and focus the consumer on water conservation efforts while increasing utility outreach and assisting in demand management. By using this portal, water systems and utilities can be provided a large amount of customer-specific data, as well as discovering infrastructure issues that otherwise they may have missed.

“Water companies receive data that includes geographic location, water and energy consumption by appliance, person and household and water and energy savings possible by appliance, person and household,” said Tim Robertson, CEO of the UK-based Save Water Save Money and creator of the aqKwa Savings Engine.

According to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates, each American uses an average of 88 gallons of water per day in the home and an average family can waste 180 gallons per week, or 9,400 gallons annually.

When consumers receive their personalized report from the Savings Engine, they will be given access to water savings device suggestions and tips such as turning off the faucet while you hand wash dishes or brush your teeth.

NRWA is excited to offer this new tool that will help utilities engage their customers and grant consumers and utilities immeasurable insight about water efficiency and possible savings.