NRWA Continues Training Water and Wastewater Professionals

NRWA Continues Training Water and Wastewater Professionals

Ft. Lauderdale, FL. – Rural water gathered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida from June 25 – 28 for In-Service Training with over 450 in attendance. Circuit riders, wastewater technicians, source water protection specialists, and other water professionals received continued education to help to serve rural communities. The rural water industry understands the importance of continually learning about best practices, innovative techniques and new technology.

Joel Baxley, Acting Assistant to the USDA Secretary for Rural Development, addressed attendees the morning of June 27. Baxley conveyed the importance of what the rural water industry does for our rural communities, and that USDA Rural Development can help play a crucial role in helping rural water’s efforts. He also met with individuals to discuss different aspects of the industry.

With three days of training, many subjects and topics covered all aspects of rural water and wastewater. From classes such as “Phosphorus Removal Basics” to “Disaster Response & Recovery” and “RD Loan and Grant Program Opportunities”, new knowledge and valued experience was shared across the board.

Over the course of the three-day training, a separate room was set up specifically for RD Apply training so our experienced state individuals can take the knowledge back to their communities and help apply for USDA loans and grants. In doing so they are helping make a difference for those systems and utilities that need infrastructure updates and more. Phil Leary with the Florida Department of Agriculture also spoke to the Source Water Protection Specialist attendees.

Rural water is setting the example of providing industry specific training for Rural America in order to better serve our rural communities and families. As technology, innovations, and standards move forward so does rural water.