A solution to address water leaks for utilities and their customers

The ServLine Leak Protection program by HomeServe protects utilities and customers from leak-related excessive water bills, lost revenue, and bad debt while handling all associated customer service functions, allowing utility personnel to focus on core responsibilities. HomeServe also offers optional interior plumbing and exterior water and sewer service line repair plans to complete the solution for customers. The ServLine program is designed to:

  • Protect all qualifying customers from a potentially costly excess water bill due to a leaks
  • Help water utilities recapture lost revenue and bad debt associated with customer water leaks
  • Unburden the utility from the stress, effort, and time involved in the administration of the leak adjustment process
  • HomeServe is a leading provider of repair service programs with nearly 5 million customers in North America and over 1,200 municipal and utility partners.

For Questions about ServLine: Please call 833-938-2193 or for more information visit this link.