Data Breach Insurance

Bailey Special Risks has partnered with NRWA to provide cyber security insurance to water and wastewater systems.  This exclusive program offers Beazley Breach Response, a unique insurance, loss control and risk mitigation service that notifies and protects the customers of utilities that have suffered a data breach.

Coverage Highlights

  • Coverage features include data breach notification and credit monitoring or identity monitoring services for up to 100,000 affected individuals, with separate coverage limits for third party claims
  • Breach response coverage includes forensic and legal assistance, notification costs, credit monitoring services for each person notified, loss prevention services and identity theft-related fraud resolution services
  • Crisis management sublimit for public relations and extraordinary notification expenses
  • Low per-incident retentions
  • Policy also provides a separate $1 million limit of liability for privacy, network security and media claims; enhancements are available for first party and other exposures

Get Experience on your Side

In managing a data breach, it’s your reputation that’s on the line. It’s smart to have a partner who’s been there. Things happen too quickly; there’s too much to learn. Beazley Breach Response pioneered the concept of data breach insurance that focuses first and foremost on response. Beazley coordinates the IT experts and specialized lawyers to help you establish what’s been compromised; assess your responsibility; and notify those you have to. In addition, they coordinate credit or identity monitoring for your customers and PR advice to help you safeguard your reputation. Beazley also indemnifies your losses from lawsuits or regulatory actions.  To date, Beazley has helped more than 2,000 clients manage data breaches swiftly and successfully – more than anyone else. They can’t guarantee your cyber security: no one can. But they can put you in control of your response.

How to Get Insured

Contact your State Association for more information, or contact Bailey Special Risks to obtain a quote.  Rates are affordable and backed by a Best “A” Rated insurance underwriter, with 25 years of experience and licensed in all 50 states.