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We invite you to join our nationwide partnership of rural water and wastewater professionals.  Support our grassroots efforts to ensure that Americans continue to have safe drinking water and a clean environment.

Benefits of Membership

As a NRWA Supporting Member, you will receive the following benefits designed to strengthen your network with utilities and professionals in the water and wastewater industry:

  • Participating in our grassroots agenda to increase awareness of the water and wastewater industry to congressmen, legislators, and the general public
  • Access to the new Member Portal – offers significant networking and professional advancement opportunities for NRWA members.  Manage your membership online, visit the online store and join communities with other industry professionals in this portal.
  • Subscribing to the latest news and updates from D.C. staff and industry leaders within the Member Portal
  • Access to the latest information on technology, regulation and funding through industry-related webinars and trainings
  • Support funding for water and wastewater utilities – NRWA is a leading advocate for infrastructure funding, resulting in billions of dollars of funding
  • Receiving discounts on NRWA event registrations that provide networking opportunities and valuable training to water and wastewater professionals
  • Subscription to the Rural Water magazine – our award-winning quarterly publication has articles, legislative updates, commentaries and other timely information on local, state, national and world events

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By joining NRWA, you also gain access to the online membership portal.

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