Manufactured Housing Technical Assistance and Training Program (MHTAT)

The primary goal of the Manufactured Homes Technical Assistance and Training Program (MHTAT) is to assist and address the specific challenges faced by rural manufactured home communities by:

  1. Providing hands-on, on-site technical assistance and training to identify and evaluate solutions for water and wastewater problems,
  2. Prepare applications for water and wastewater disposal loans and grants,
  3. Assisting with the improvement of the management, operation, maintenance, and sustainability of water and waste facilities, and
  4. Addressing emerging contaminants of drinking and surface water supplies.

The USDA RUS pilot program began March 1, 2023, the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina and Texas.

The manufactured home parks receive services from a USDA eligible rural small water and/or wastewater system. The Community Water & Wastewater Specialists focus on areas with a population of 2,500 or less to ensure sustainability for the MHP and the system providing the service(s).