NRWA PFAS Cost Recovery Program

What is the NRWA PFAS Cost Recovery Program?

To better serve State Associations and their member utilities negatively impacted or potentially negatively impacted by PFAS contamination and other water pollutants, and related current and future State and Federal regulations, NRWA agreed to undertake a campaign, the PFAS Cost Recovery Program, to work with State Associations to actively educate their water and wastewater utilities about these PFAS contamination issues as well as to encourage them to join the NRWA PFAS Cost Recovery Program by retaining Napoli Shkolnik PLLC for participation in the current Multi District Litigation (MDL) proceeding in the Federal District Court for South Carolina (MDL 2873) as well as any other appropriate action in State and Federal Court.

If a settlement is reached, NRWA shall, where appropriate and in coordination with State Associations, act in an advisory capacity in distribution of monies received to all Utilities who have retained Napoli and who have demonstrated remediation costs that are the basis for their award.

How can I register my State Association for the NRWA PFAS Cost Recovery Program?

Review, sign, and return the NRWA PFAS Cost Recovery Program-State Association Agreement to Anthony Prince, NRWA Development Director at or 580.678.6206.

How can I register my Water System or Utility for the NRWA PFAS Cost Recovery Program?

To sign up, for the NRWA PFAS Cost Recovery Program, please contact your State Association.

There is no cost your utility systems to register for the program. Registration makes your system eligible to recover current and future costs. Systems that register will be eligible to recover costs associated with PFAS testing, treatment, and remediation if a settlement is reached.

When is the deadline to register?

Systems must be registered prior to any settlement to benefit. Negotiations are on-going and a settlement can be reached at any time. Time is of the essence. Sign up now!

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