First Water System Operations Specialist Apprentice Graduates from Idaho

First Water System Operations Specialist Apprentice Graduates from Idaho

By Therese Borgerding, IRWA Apprenticeship Program

Steven Grigsby is recognized for his completion of the IRWA Apprenticeship Program, also pictured is Kelsie Cole, IRWA.

Idaho Rural Water Association is pleased to announce the graduation of Steven Grigsby, the first Water System Operations Specialist apprentice for IRWA’s Apprenticeship Program. Steven was recognized in Carey, Idaho, September 28, 2020, for completing the program.

Steven had been working for the city of Carey, Idaho, in their Public Works department when they discussed the apprenticeship program with him. They all agreed it would be a good opportunity and so he registered for the program in January 2019. With past work experience, Steven was able to get credit for work-related tasks in areas of safety, vehicle handling & maintenance, emergency response, documentation and reporting, and water system operations.

Steven ended up working with two neighboring cities, Carey, and Bellevue to gain the on-the-job hours he needed for the apprenticeship. When asked what was one of the most important things he learned he stated, “I learned to be flexible and work with various people from city councils, the public, and two communities with their varied needs.”

What advice would he give a new apprentice? “Keep track of your time and the areas you are working in. The online Apprentice Tracking System saves time over paper documentation. Stay in touch with your state apprenticeship coordinator and ask questions along the way.”

Steven is looking forward to his career in the drinking water industry. He is drawn to the fact that this is a community service focused career. He said he appreciates that he can make a difference “behind the scenes” for the public’s health and wellness.

With his technical instruction and on-the-job hours completed, Steven is waiting to hear from the licensing board for his scheduled date to test for his certification as a Water System Operations Specialist. Idaho is fortunate to have him join the many dedicated, hard working professionals serving our communities!