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USDA Rural Development provides critical funding for water and wastewater utilities in Rural America. USDA RD also funds the NRWA Circuit Rider program, the Wastewater Technician program, and the Energy Efficiency Circuit Rider program.

Rural Water Prepared for Future Disasters with Emergency Response Training

CAIRO, Ga. – Emergency: A Rural Water team starts loading diesel generators onto a semi-trailer while others methodically work through the process of connecting generators and bypass pumps. It’s only a few weeks after hurricanes like Harvey and Irma made landfall, and 83 Rural Water experts from 23 states are in Cairo, Georgia, training for… Read more »

Watch Brian McManus from Texas Testify to House Ag Committee

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Brian McManus from Texas testified on July 17 to the House Agriculture Committee on the state of infrastructure in rural America. NRWA has two recordings of Sternberg’s testimony: one trimmed to only include remarks about Rural Water and a recording of the full hearing. Watch Rural Water Highlights below:   Watch the… Read more »

NRWA Statement on Administration Position that RUS Loan Program is Duplicative

DUNCAN, Okla. – The National Rural Water Association applauds the President’s focus on the nation’s infrastructure including water and wastewater systems that are the first line of defense in public health and environmental protection. The USDA Water and Waste Program has a proven and effective delivery mechanism in place to deliver these infrastructure results. Since… Read more »

IRWA Makes Multiple Visits to Assist Utility with Chlorine, Odor Problems

GRAND JUNCTION, Iowa – When Grand Junction, Iowa had problems with low chlorine residuals and odor complaints with their water treatment facility, the Iowa Rural Water Association made multiple assistance visits to help correct the problem. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources first contacted IRWA in April, to request rural water’s assistance. Dale Barrie, an… Read more »

ARWA Assistance, USDA funding, Helps Arkansas Town Solve Wastewater Problem, Save Money

McRAE, Ark. – Mayor Robert Sullivan inspects one of the newly-lined manholes of the McRae, Ark. wastewater collection system. Assistance from the Arkansas Rural Water Association and funding from USDA helped refurbish the manholes, solving an inflow problem and saving the community over $3,000 per year. “We had just completed upgrades on the wastewater plant… Read more »

Senators Express Concern Over Ag Budget Cuts

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senators from Rural States sent a letter to President Donald Trump, copied to OMB Director Mick Mulvaney and Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue, on Tuesday, May 30 that expressed concern over proposed budget cuts to USDA programs. Led by Michigan Sen. Debbie Stabenow, the top Democrat on the Senate Agriculture Committee, 29… Read more »

Rural Water Loan Helps Utility Acquire Grant, Comply with State Law

THREE RIVERS, Calif. – When California’s Proposition 50 created new state regulations for drinking water treatment, the North Kaweah Mutual Water Company found itself in need of a $1.99 million upgrade to meet the new requirements. The utility of 80 connections could apply for a state grant for the project, but they still needed funds… Read more »

National Rural Water Association Releases Statement on 2017 Budget Agreement

DUNCAN, Okla. – The National Rural Water Association, the nation’s largest water utility organization with over 31,000 rural and small community members, applauds the federal budget, now that it has been signed by the President, for its support of USDA Water and Waste infrastructure funding. The budget agreement includes $570 million for rural and small… Read more »

Oklahoma Utility an Example of What RUS, Rural Water Can Accomplish

AMBER, Okla. – In a metal building west of the small Oklahoma town of Amber, Paul Jones is gathering his staff around a wall filled with color-coded pipe maps and a whiteboard scrawled with the day’s priorities. The Rural Water District has undergone tremendous changes, fueled by a combination of hard work and USDA loan… Read more »