Category: Emergency Response

Rural Water Assists Southern Utilities Struggling with Extreme Cold

DUNCAN, Okla. –  When extremely cold temperatures moved through the Southern U.S in January, several water utilities struggled with hard freezes, broken pipes and low pressure. Rural Water professionals from Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi worked to find leaks, make repairs and restore service to the impacted communities. News reports indicated that weather-related boil orders doubled… Read more »

Rural Water Prepared for Future Disasters with Emergency Response Training

CAIRO, Ga. – Emergency: A Rural Water team starts loading diesel generators onto a semi-trailer while others methodically work through the process of connecting generators and bypass pumps. It’s only a few weeks after hurricanes like Harvey and Irma made landfall, and 83 Rural Water experts from 23 states are in Cairo, Georgia, training for… Read more »

Georgia Honors Fort Payne, Ala. for Assistance After Hurricane Irma

CAIRO, Ga. – After Hurricane Irma left a swath of communities in Georgia without power, the Alabama city of Fort Payne sent a crew of workers and generators into their neighboring state. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources honored their efforts by presenting them coins at the emergency response training held on Oct. 11 in… Read more »

Rural Water Associations in Florida and Georgia Assisting Utilities After Irma

DUNCAN, Okla. – Emergency Response teams from the Florida Rural Water Association and Georgia Rural Water Association staged personnel, equipment and supplies outside the heaviest areas of the storm and have begun assisting utilities after Irma’s landfall. Associations started making detailed plans as the storms approached, assessing potentiality-impacted systems and outlining the generators and equipment… Read more »

IRIS Service Proving Valuable to Systems After Hurricanes

HOUSTON, Texas – The Immediate Response Information System, or IRIS, is proving its value to water and wastewater utilities after hurricanes Harvey and Irma. The IRIS system gives organizations the ability to broadcast information through phone calls, text messages, email and social media. “The IRIS system sent notifications to thousands of subscribers in Texas and… Read more »