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Rural Water Rate Study Puts Town on Path of Stability

NORWOOD, N.C. – The Town of Norwood, N. C. was faced with the costs of servicing the new debts required to upgrade their water and wastewater system, but a rate study by the North Carolina Rural Water Association put the community on track to sustainability. “The town had recently taken on additional debt because of… Read more »

Rural Water Sewer Cam Helps Locate Blockage

GRANVILLE, N. D. – When the Community of Granville couldn’t locate a sewer blockage that was causing sewage backups for residents, they contacted the North Dakota Rural Water Systems Association. “We jetted the main, but the contractor hit a dead end and couldn’t go any further,” explained Granville System Operations Specialist Paul Rosencrans. “We requested… Read more »

Rural Water Assists North Dakota Utility After Tank Freezes

HANNAFORD, N. D. – When ice blocked the intake of the Hannaford water tower, the pumps cycled erratically, pressure spiked in the distribution system, and malfunctions threatened to leave the community without water. Assistance from the North Dakota Rural Water Systems Association helped avoid disaster and restore water service. “We had some insulation in the… Read more »

Rural Water Assists Community Suffering from Collapsed Tank and 10 Million Gallons in Water Loss

PINE GROVE, Calif. – When an accident caused a water tank to implode, the Pine Grove Community Services District discovered they were losing 10 million gallons of water a year. Assistance from the California Rural Water Association helped bring the situation under control and saved the community over $13,000 per year. The situation first emerged… Read more »

NRWA Statement on Small Water Systems – False Narrative

The National Rural Water Association (NRWA) cautions policymakers against accepting the “false narrative” that small and rural community water systems are unsustainable and new federal statutory and regulatory authority to usurp local governments’ authority is the answer. This false narrative is not new. It has been around since the passage of the Safe Drinking Water… Read more »

NRWA Statement on Water Utility Sustainability

DUNCAN, Okla. – The National Rural Water Association fully supports continued education, training and technical assistance to enhance the sustainability of the nation’s water and wastewater utilities. In recent months, some stakeholders with vested interests have called for additional federal regulatory authority to direct the consolidation and regionalization of public water utilities as the means… Read more »