Build a Career at National Rural Water Association

We have made a lot of progress since opening our doors in 1976, but one thing hasn’t changed — our commitment to Rural America. We believe that every dollar awarded to Rural Water and every Rural American helped is because of the dedicated employees who fill our hallways.

At National Rural Water Association, whether you work in the field every day or support those who do, you are making a difference and that is what matters to us. Make a difference at NRWA and discover your future today.

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Rural Water is Growing

The Rural Water industry is growing each and every day. Start building your career with us now. Check out the list of jobs on our Career Center or by visiting your State Association website for the list of careers available in our industry.

Open Positions

Events Coordinator

The NRWA Events Coordinator assists with planning and management of NRWA annual events and other meetings. This involves working closely with NRWA staff, NRWA board members, State Association staff, and external vendors. This position reports to the Development Director.

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Why You Should Consider a Career with NRWA

At NRWA, we consider our employees family, and hope they feel as welcome at the office as they do in their own home. Join our team to become part of our Rural Water Family!

Testimonials From Our Team:

Barbara Merrill

Energy Efficiency Program Manager

Employed since January 1984

“My 38 years at NRWA is due in part to everyone working together as a team – we are not just one person. We truly are a ‘Rural Water Family.’ The learning process continues daily as there is always something new to learn about federal programs and the association.  Working with people across the United States has also allowed me to develop many great working relationships and friendships.”

Vern Steel

Deputy CEO

Employed since August 2021

“Working in Rural Water both at the state level and the national level is an extremely rewarding career. We work with good, salt-of-the-earth people, with a common goal of helping their respective communities. In my position at NRWA, I am excited to be a part of the Rural Water Family and have the opportunity to make sure all of America has access to clean and safe drinking water.”

Kaylyn Branen Snow

Content and Communication Specialist

Employed since June 2022

“When I interviewed for this position, I was told that once people join the NRWA family, they are here for life. It is very evident that NRWA values their employees and have cultivated an environment to grow professionally. As my first job out of college, I didn’t expect to find such a welcoming workplace while also making a difference in the lives of others everyday, but this is something I found at NRWA.”

NRWA Organizational Chart, Career Opportunities
At NRWA, we offer a variety of career paths to follow and opportunities to advance in our organization.

The National Rural Water Association is an equal opportunity employer. Please review our Non-Discrimination Policy here.