Quality on Tap!

Quality On Tap – Our Commitment, Our Profession

“Quality On Tap – Our Commitment, Our Profession” is a nationwide, grassroots public relations and awareness campaign designed especially for the drinking water industry. QOT is intended to promote a positive image to the public, focusing on the safety of drinking water and the expertise of the technical professional who ensure water quality.

QOT Water Tower

Americans often take for granted that they have the highest quality, most affordable water, piped directly to their homes and businesses. This level of quality is accomplished because of dedicated professionals that take pride in their hard work, education, and service to the community.

Quality On Tap! was created in 1996 as the first practical, hands-on guide to better public relations for water utilities. It contains the tools small water systems need to do the most important job of all – spreading the truth to the public about the quality of work they do and the quality water they produce. As communities nationwide use the QOT logo and materials to promote their own quality water, they are also promoting the quality water of each system that participates in this nationwide campaign.