The WaterPro Brand


WaterPro is the National Rural Water Association’s primary brand for promoting the advancement and professionalism of the water industry.

According to Readers Digest Magazine, there are approximately 108,330 system personnel who operate water and wastewater systems. In the article, these positions are listed as number two in the “Top 10 Jobs Americans Cannot Live Without.” Individuals in these positions have tremendous responsibilities, including water quality testing, regulatory compliance and handling of dangerous chemicals. Despite these heavy responsibilities and liabilities, the professionals in these positions often go unrecognized.

The WaterPro Brand is intended to emphasize that the water industry is an industry of professionals. These dedicated men and women require state licenses to hold their jobs, and those licenses require continued training and renewal. Many of them hold advanced degrees and have decades of experience.

WaterPro Initiative: System Operations Specialist

NRWA, in cooperation with its state affiliates, launched a nation-wide professional recognition initiative on August 1, 2012 to advocate the value of professional careers in the water and wastewater industry, and advance the quality of those careers.

The first step of the initiative is a terminology change, referring to water and wastewater positions as “System Operations Specialists.”  This terminology change was selected because titles reflect skills, and the Operations Specialists title more accurately reflects the training and responsibilities required for the position.

WaterPro Conference

WaterPro Conference is the annual exhibition and meeting of the National Rural Water Association.

WaterPro is designed to bring together water and wastewater utility systems – large and small, municipal and rural – for sessions in operations, management, boardsmanship and governance.

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WaterPro Community

The WaterPro Community offers significant networking and professional advancement opportunities for NRWA members.  The WaterPro Community allows you to network with utility personnel, access training on new technology and regulations, discuss utility-specific topics with your peers.

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Did you know?

We believe that Water Operations Specialists are the most important public health official in their community.  No one else is more directly responsible for affecting the health of every member of the community, every single day.

Wastewater Operations Specialists are dedicated environmentalists.  Their work provides real environmental protection 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  They are responsible for cleaning everyone’s waste and protecting our waterways, aquifers, wildlife and health.