NRWA Issues Statement on the Passing of Senator Thad Cochran

Rural America had no greater champion in Congress than former Senator Thad Cochran. Serving as both the Chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee and the Senate Appropriations Committee, Senator Cochran authored and supported programs, policy and funding, specifically targeted to increase the quality of life in rural communities across the nation. His service to this country included more than four decades in the U.S. House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate and the U.S. Navy. He was the true model of a selfless public servant; never seeking credit, never losing touch with his humble roots in Mississippi, and never losing sight of his mission to serve the people he represented with unquestionable loyalty, integrity and honor.

Many people will not know his face or name, but history will record the millions of Americans that were positively impacted by the Senator’s dedication. Let us pay tribute to this man and his family for their tireless service to this nation. No man has loved and served his state and nation more, and no man has practiced the art of politics for the public good of the common man and woman more than Senator Thad Cochran.