There’s an App for That: Case Study of a Utility Using GIS & Mobile Deployment for Daily Operations: 2 PM CST Nov. 8

There’s an App for That: Case Study of a Utility Using GIS & Mobile Deployment for Daily Operations:  PM CST Nov. 8

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This webinar will demonstrate how Berea Municipal Utilities incorporates GIS and mobile deployment within daily operations to support work across their organization:

• How convenient would it be if there was an app that would automatically calculate water loss or even calculate the amount of chemicals the Water Treat Plant is feeding into the water system? Berea Municipal Utilities uses Survey123 for ArcGIS to do these pre-calculations.
• Monthly cutoffs for nonpayment is never a fun task and often times can be challenging. Berea Municipal Utilities has made this daunting process seamless by using ArcGIS Online to support real time communication between the field crews and office.
• Need to streamline asset inventory and inspections. Why not use Collector for ArcGIS and Survey 123 for ArcGIS to make your work easier?

Join this webinar to learn more about how mobile apps have increased efficiency and communication at Berea Municipal Utilities.


Clay White is the GIS Coordinator / Project Manager for Berea Municipal Utilities. White is a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University. He has worked as the GIS Specialist for Madison County Fiscal Court providing GIS services to over 15 agencies; in addition to being the GIS Specialist for Madison County EMA/CSEPP. He has also assisted the Kentucky State Police with various cases. In 2013, White became the GIS Coordinator for Berea Municipal Utilities where he built and established GIS within the daily operations; and in 2016 Berea Municipal Utilities GIS was a contributing factor in receiving the KY/TN Small Utility Water Distribution Award.

Kevin Howard is the General Manager of Berea Municipal Utilities.