Louisiana Rural Water Association Helps Restore Water in Parker, Fla. After Hurricane Michael

PARKER, Fla. – Amber Parkle and her daughter had been without water for ten days, and they cheered when responders from the Louisiana Rural Water Association opened their meter and water poured from the outside faucet.

Louisiana Rural Water plans how they will execute the meter worker Parker public works has asked them to accomplish.

“I’m ecstatic beyond anything I can describe,” the Parker resident said. “To get running water and to be able to wash our hands – we’re are so happy to have water, even without power.”

The community was devastated after Hurricane Michael made landfall.

“All out lift stations were down. We had no water,” said Tony Summerland, the Parker public works supervisor. “There was no power and there wasn’t a passable road in Parker.”

LRWA began closing valves and isolating parts of the distribution system so water pressure could be resorted to the system.  Once it was pressurized, LRWA moved through neighborhoods, opening water meters and checking for leaks.

“They’ve been going door-to-door, checking for leaks and seeing if customers had their water service.,” Summerland said. “Without these guys, there’s no way we’d be back to where we are.”

LRWA turning on meters covered in debris.

Parker only has 13 city employees, including two for water and only a single mechanic.

“If we would have lost one of those guys we’d be in trouble,” Summerland said. “The extra man power has been incredible.”

After a few days of assistance, the community’s water and wastewater service is almost fully restored.

“The pressure is slowly coming back up, but we had 13 leaks reported in the last hour,” Summerland said. “Right now, if someone doesn’t have water, it’s most likely because of a service line beak on their side of the meter.”