Atwood and Harris, Retiring NRWA Staff, Honored as Rural Water Stars

FORT WORTH, Texas – The National Rural Water Association honored two retiring staff members after years of service to Rural Water. Claudette Atwood and Michael Harris both received the Rural Water Star award at the annual Tribute to Excellence awards ceremony, held on Sept. 18 at the WaterPro Conference in Fort Worth, Texas.

“The Rural Water Star award is presented to those who have gone ‘above and beyond’ the normal scope of activities and support for Rural Water across America based on their loyalty, dedication and outstanding contributions to the Rural Water cause,” said Ed Savage, chair of the NRWA Awards Committee.

Attwood joined NRWA as Chief Financial Officer in 1988. She graduated from Panhandle State University in 1975 followed by an accounting degree from Cameron University in 1987.

Harris joined NRWA as Marketing Director in 1994. He graduated from Oklahoma University in 1972 and received his fine art masters from the University of Tennessee – Nashville in 1975.  He was an art professor for three years and president of his own advertising agency until 1986.