WVRWA leak detection saves community $3,000 per month

JUNIOR, W. Va. – When the Town of Junior, W. Va. noticed usage had increased by 35,000 gallons per day, they contacted the West Virginia Rural Water Association for assistance.

“We started isolating parts of the system,” said Bertis McCarty, a WVRWA Circuit Rider. Circuit Riders are roving water system experts that provide training and technical assistance to small utilities.

Isolating the system allowed McCarty and Mark Shiflett, Field Supervisor for the Town of Junior, to narrow the leak to a general area of town. They checked ever water meter in the area to isolate the leak’s specific location.

“Mark fixed the leak and asked that I return to locate more,” McCarty said.

McCarty returned a week later and assisted Shiflett in locating more leaks. They located another large leak at the end of a line. The leak was under a road and water was not rising to the surface.

The leak repairs prevented water losses as high as 24 gallons per minute, saving the community $3,000 per month.