Sutherland Springs, Texas Tragedy Touches “Rural Water Family”

We often refer to our industry as the “Rural Water Family”. When disasters and/or tragedy strikes one of us, it affects all of us. The tragedy in Sutherland Springs, Texas has touched the Rural Water Family.

The Sutherland Springs Water Supply Corporation is a member of the Texas Rural Water Association. In the wake of this tragedy, TRWA reached out to the general manager of Sutherland Springs WSC, Herb Williams. Mr. Williams tells a story of generosity, faith and hope that will touch every heart within “the family.” More than just our hearts and prayers are needed for this community. We know Rural Water will provide. Thank you for caring and sharing.

“We are comforted by the outpouring of calls and condolences from TRWA members for the members of our system and our community who were impacted by the tragic shooting at the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas. Our community is devastated by this tragedy. As names of the victims come in, we are saddened that each one is a member of our system, as well as friends, family members and school mates of many of our staff. Additionally, our system has a wonderful connection with this church and its community. One of the original organizers of our Water Supply Corporation was a deacon at this church and donated a well site and land to get the Corporation up and running back in 1971. His only payment for this generous donation was an agreement that this church would receive water from the Corporation at no cost. That agreement is still in effect to this day. As devastating as the events that played out yesterday morning are, it also makes us proud that one of our members of the Corporation, since 1995, was the hero who stopped the individual from causing more damage elsewhere.”

Herb Williams, General Manager

Sutherland Springs Water Supply Corporation

This area is very rural, and many in this community do not have the means to rebuild the church, pay for funeral costs or many other financial burdens that a violent crime of this magnitude would bring to any community. There is a local bank account set up that folks can donate to if anyone wants to help. If you would like to make a donation, you may send it to:

Commerce Bank of Texas
Benefit for First Baptist Church
PO Box 97
Stockdale, Texas 78160

Their phone number is 1-830-996-3125 if you would like wire information or other details. All donations will be used solely to assist the victims of this tragedy.

Thank you to the National Rural Water community for helping.