IRIS Service Proving Valuable to Systems After Hurricanes

HOUSTON, Texas – The Immediate Response Information System, or IRIS, is proving its value to water and wastewater utilities after hurricanes Harvey and Irma. The IRIS system gives organizations the ability to broadcast information through phone calls, text messages, email and social media.

“The IRIS system sent notifications to thousands of subscribers in Texas and Florida after these unfortunate disasters,” said Ross Gonzales, an executive from TechRadium, the company that developed IRIS. “Utilities were able to send evacuation alerts, boil water notices, office closures, maintenance notices, volunteer requests, donation requests and follow up alerts to thousands of people within minutes.”

Several nonprofits, hospitals and other organizations, including the Florida Governor’s office and the Texas National Guard, utilized IRIS to distribute information. State Rural Water Associations and rural utilities have access to IRIS at a discounted rate through a partnership between TechRadium and the National Rural Water Association.

IRIS uses distributed infrastructure and redundant servers in several states to ensure fast, reliable service, even during disasters. More information about IRIS is available at