Rural Water Helps Locate Leak Costing $1,095 per Month

BURGIN, Ky. – The Town of Burgin, Ky. had a serious leak that was costing $1,095 per month and was bubbling to the surface along roadways, creating a risk to motorists. Assistance from the Kentucky Rural Water Association helped locate and repair the leak, saving thousands of dollars and protecting the lives of local drivers.

“The city contacted me for assistance in locating a leak that was surfacing near the main road,” said Danny Stinson, a Circuit Rider with KRWA. Circuit Riders are roving water experts that provide assistance to communities in need.

Stinson evaluated the immediate area and isolated the leak to a section between two valves. He investigated further, using sophisticated acoustic detection equipment to search for the leak by identifying the noise it made.

“He was able to find the leak in an old line that was put in illegally several years ago,” Burgin Mayor and Water Superintendent George Hensley said in a letter.

The line was connected on an abandoned house and was leaking over 10 gallons per minute. Rural Water’s assistance saved over $13,000 per year in water loss, plus over a thousand dollars in consulting fees.

“His help was very much appreciated,” Hensley said. “We want to thank everyone involved in helping us with this problem.”