Colorado Rural Water Energy Assessment Leads to Energy Efficiency Upgrades

WILEY, Colo.– An energy assessment for the May Valley Water District led to energy efficiency upgrades that reduced the system’s pumping costs by 40%.

“We identified the opportunity to lower energy consumption by resizing and upgrading one of the water well pumps,” said Joe Kleffner, a Colorado Rural Water Association Energy Program Technician. “The existing pump was driven by a 20-horsepower motor, but we discovered that the required amount of water could be delivered with a 10-horsepower motor.”

Kleffner selected a high-efficiency Variable Frequency Drive motor, which would further increase energy savings. VFDs improve efficiency by operating at various speeds, where direct drives only operate at full power. The new equipment cost $5,785 and lowered energy costs by $3,900 annually. The original pumping costs of $1.30 per thousand gallons was reduced 40% to $0.88 per thousand gallons.

“The upgrades will pay for themselves in the first 18 months of operation,” Kleffner said.

The May Valley energy assessment will be one of the case studies discussed during the Energy Efficiency webinar at 2 p.m central on August 24. Click Here to Register. This webinar will also be simulcast on Facebook Live.