Mississippi Rural Water Assists Utility After Staff Turnover

WAYNESBORO, Miss. – After two years of staff turnover and political changes, the City of Waynesboro, Miss. contacted the Mississippi Rural Water Association for assistance with training new employees.

Robby Mayfield, a MRWA training specialist, visited the utility to provide on-site training for Joe Zaydel, the Public Works Director and Josh West, a certified system operations specialist.

“All the changes have created a difficult situation for Waynesboro,” Mayfield explained.

Mayfield began with on-site training for the Revised Total Coli-form Rule and the Ground Water Rule. He also provided training on proper sampling and testing techniques, including new rules from the Mississippi State Department of Health regarding sample collection. Mayfield gave training on chlorine testing and how to properly maintain a chlorine residual through the distribution system.

“I also offered them on-site training on GPS and GIS systems,” Mayfield said.

Mayfield completed the assistance by informing Zaydel and West about other training opportunities in their area.