Forming Responsible Management Entities: 2p.m. CST March 2

Forming Responsible Management Entities: 2p.m. CST March 2 Register Now

The session will discuss the applicability of Responsible Management Entities and the different types of entities whether Governmental or Volunteer. The discussion will center around forming the Entities, the Entities focus, roles, and responsibilities. As many as 26 million homeowners living in subdivisions, mobile home parks or small communities use septic systems without a centralized sewer treatment plant. RME’s range from home owner associations that use regular pumping schedules to systems using low pressure lines to move grey water to a centralized drain-field.

About the Presenter:

William “Rusty” Reeves began his career with La Rural Water Association in September 1997 in the Louisiana Compliance Initiative Program. He previously worked as General Manager/System Operator for West Allen Parish Water District for eight years and holds a Class IV Certification in Water Production, Treatment and Distribution as well as Class I Certification in Wastewater Collection and Treatment. Reeves received his CIT (Certified Instructional Technologist Training) in Mississippi in 2004, and upgraded to a CET (Certified Environmental Trainer) in 2005 through the National Environmental Safety & Health Training Association.