Water University Launches Upgraded Website

wateruDUNCAN, Okla. – Water University has completed a site-wide upgrade to improve the appearance and function of the website.

One of the main features of the upgrade is that the entire Utility Management Certification process is handled within Water University. Users can now apply, test and renew without using a third-party testing site. The upgrade simplifies the UMC process and consolidates all the certification activities into a single location.

waterumobileThe new website has an updated look and feel that capitalizes on the latest web technology. Water University is now mobile responsive, allowing users to access the site from a variety of devices. The new design prominently displays UMC features to provide quick access to those entering the certification program.

The new system is flexible and expandable, which will allow Water University to update its current programs and add new certifications in the future.

Water University has also migrated the video recordings of all its webinar presentations to a new host. The new system provides higher quality and stability while improving control over distribution. Live webinars are still presented free of charge for the good of the water industry. Water University does charge a small fee for those who wish to view webinar recordings or who wish to print a certificate for continuing education credit.