City of Vassar and Centerville City win Environmental, Energy Efficiency Awards

img_0071ORLANDO, Fla. – Two cities earned recognition during the annual Tribute to Excellence awards ceremony, held on Sept. 12 during the WaterPro Conference in Orlando, Fla. The City of Vassar, Mich. Won the Environmental Achievement Award and Centerville City, Utah won the Energy Efficiency Award.

“Utilities members have always been the true environmentalists and the 1st line of defense to protect our environment,” said Paul Fulgham, chair of National Rural Water Association’s award committee. “In addition to implementing some unique educational activities, Vassar established a line item in their budget so that they have money each year to use toward environmental protection efforts.

“Vassar established a Wellhead Protection Committee to assist the city with WHPP Information in their Consumer Confidence Report, providing educational giveaways for school children, groundwater models for schools, water and wasterwater plant tours and drinking water placemat design contests.”

img_0077The purpose of the Energy Efficiency Award is to recognize a water or wastewater system, on a national level, who has demonstrated exemplary initiatives, projects, or education on the critical role of the utility in Energy Efficiency to the public.

“Centerville City is changing the way things are done! They recognized the potential and need for energy conservation and saving on their system and went to work to make the change necessary,” Fulgham said. “By implementing 15 energy efficiency and water saving strategies, they have realized a savings of over $262,000 per year in energy, water and power costs.”

Both cities are members of their state rural water association.