Destin Donates Generators; Supports FRWA Rapid Response and Recovery

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Heavy storms and flooding left several small water utilities in need of assistance. When the Florida Rural Water Association responded, they had three extra generators, thanks to the support of a larger utility.

Destin Water Users, which serves the popular vacation destination of Florida’s Emerald Coast, donated three generators to FRWA and to FlaWARN, Florida’s Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network, for systems in need. The donation includes one 100kw and two 60kw trailer-pulled Cummins generators.

“FRWA truly appreciates Destin Water Users leadership and generosity,” said FRWA Executive Director Gary Williams. “Generators of this size cost up to $100,000 new.”

The three generators are used but still functioning. Even with some repairs and maintenance, the generators represent a generous contribution from Destin.

“They had options to sell or surplus the generators,” Williams said. “But they chose to donate them for use by water and wastewater systems in need and often without vast resources.”

In addition to emergency use, FRWA and FlaWARN sells generators to systems when their emergency generators fail.

“FRWA sells our generators to needy systems for the amount we have invested in them or less,” Williams explained. “It ensures the public health and environment for that community are protected when they don’t have the money for a new back-up generator.”

FRWA plans to have the donated generators repainted and include signage that indicates they were donated by Destin Water Users. Williams said the signage was another show of appreciation to Destin and he hoped it would encourage other larger systems to assist small utilities.