WVRWA Trains Utilities in Emergency Response


SCOTT DEPOT, W.V. – The West Virginia Rural Water Association hosted an emergency response training session for water and wastewater utilities May 24 and 25 in Scott Depot, W.V.

“West Virginia has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world – majestic mountains, clear flowing streams and scenic river valleys,” said Amy Swann, WVRWA executive director. “Unfortunately, those very same features can turn deadly and destructive at a moment’s notice.”

In 2015, there were five FEMA Disaster Declarations in West Virginia for incidents including severe storms, flooding and straight-line winds.

The training was designed as a comprehensive two-day course to help water and wastewater utilities to prepare for and recover from disasters. Instruction focused not only on operational aspects for emergency response, but also customer service and professional utility management.

West Virginia Rural Water trained 41 people from 24 different systems in training sessions throughout 2015 and 2016.