West Virginia Spends Months Assisting Elkins Road

SCOTT DEPOT, W.V. – A defining feature of Rural Water technical assistance is longevity – circuit riders make repeated visits over a period of weeks and months to assist utilities. West Virginia’s Bertis McCarty is an example of this persistence. He assisted the Elkins Road Public Service District in Buckhannon, W.V. with several issues over several months.

McCarty began working with Elkins Road in February, replacing the leaking seals in a booster pump station.

McCarty then spent March and April assisting the utility with leak detection and leak repair. His efforts helped the utility locate and repair five different leaks.

“At one time we were experiencing up to a 47% water loss on a daily basis,” said Allan Westfall, Elkins Road system operations specialist. “With [MCarty’s] help, we are now staying closer to 18% water loss daily.”

McCarty also advised the Elkins Road board on purchasing a leak detection system and detailed how such a system would help prevent future problems with water loss.

“We are so appreciative for the time he has spent over the last few months,” Westfall said. “There are times that we find ourselves in a position where we just need a helping hand. It is comforting to know that we have somewhere to turn when we need help.”