Florida Uses Ground Penetrating Radar to Locate Sewer Lines

NAVARRE BEACH, Fla. – It was a potential nightmare scenario: a punctured high-pressure wastewater line spraying raw sewage into the Gulf of Mexico. When the community of Navarre Beach needed to perform some horizontal drilling on a line within 100 feet of the Gulf, they contacted the Florida Rural Water Association to help stave off a potential disaster.

Wastewater Tech Scott Phillips arrived with a piece of advanced technology that allowed him to precisely locate several expensive utilities near the boring project.

“I used ground penetrating radar to locate and mark all the water, wastewater and fiber optic lines in the directional boring area,” Phillips explained.

Once the lines were located and marked, Phillips indicated the locations to Navarre Beach employees and advised them on ways to avoid hitting the lines. His assistance helped prevent damage to the expensive utilities and avoid a potential disaster for the environment and human health.