NYRWA finds Houghton leak over Holiday

HOUGHTON, N.Y. – The holiday’s typically come with a change of pace – business slows down, employees take vacation and college students move back home. That slowed pace make the holidays a perfect time for utility repairs.

On December 30, the New York Rural Water Association received a call from David Stenzel, Superintendent of the Caneadea, Houghton Water District. The district served a population of just over 2,000, including Houghton College, a small Christian liberal arts college. The utility had a leak in a 10-inch cast iron water main that needed to be located. It was suspected the leak was under a major intersection.

“Pinpointing the leak was critical, due to the size of the intersection and its proximity to the collage and a nursing home,” explained NYRWA Circuit Rider Fred Holley.

Holley and Stenzel began working on New Year’s Eve, working to locate the leak. They were able to narrow the location to a four by eight foot area of the intersection. Holley’s assistance prevent the utility from having to excavate a larger area, causing greater cost and service disruption. We help from NYRWA, the repair was completed without blocking any traffic, or breaking anyone’s holiday plans.

“The job was done by noon and we were all able to enjoy the holiday with our friends and family,” Holley said.