Alabama Rural Water assists Beauregard

20160120_130250aBEAUREGARD, Ala. – When a massive leak threatened to put thousands of the Beauregard Water Authority’s customers out of service, the small water utility contacted the Alabama Rural Water Association. Beauregard was losing 2,418 gallons per minute, leaving a third of the system on low pressure and threatening to completely drain the water tanks.

ARWA Circuit Riders Andrew Crawford and Rob White IV immediately began working with utility personnel on a plan to maintain the water supply until the leak could be located.

“We divided the distribution system in half,” Crawford explained. “Half of the service area was supplied by the Beauregard wells and the other half through an emergency connection with Opelika Utilities.”

Dividing the system helped maintain water pressure while the Circuit Riders searched for the leak.

“We searched for two days and nights before we found the leak in a six-inch water main,” White said. “We estimate the leak was costing the water authority for $17,000 per day.”

Once the leak was located, utility crews began making repairs. The personnel and equipment Alabama Rural Water provided helped keep water flowing to 3,000 people and saved the water authority thousands of dollars per day.