McBride, New Rural Utilities Service Administrator, to Speak at Forum (updated)

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Brandon McBride, the recently appointed Administrator of the Rural Utilities Service has confirmed his participation in the District/Regional System Financing and Regulatory Forum that will take place June 2-3 in Washington D.C.

“This will offer attendees with the unique opportunity to meet directly with the Administrator and the RUS staff that manages and sets policy for loans and grants,” said NRWA CEO Sam Wade.

The forum will also include Directors from the EPA Drinking Water Office and the Waste Management Office.

Formed in the early 60s, Rural Water Districts, have grown to become major participants in the protection of public health and of drinking water sources. They are a foundation of the rural economy. When many RWD were formed the sparsely populated sections of the nation were their primary service areas. Today, in many locations, these once rural areas are now urbanized and/or have merged smaller systems into their operations to provide sustainability of service to rural citizens. The make-up of large service areas, miles of pipe that transcends multiple counties, and the funding and regulatory structures designed primarily for municipal operations, now present unique funding and regulatory challenges for rural districts.

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