Rural Water Rally

Be Heard: How You Can Support Rural Water

Attend the Rural Water Rally

The Rural Water Rally provides an opportunity for supporters of our industry to make their case directly to their elected officials. Rural Water Associations in each state schedule meetings with Representatives, Senators and their staff, so that they can share the Rural Water success story, answer questions and build important relationships. Attending the Rural Water Rally also provides a unique opportunity to meet with association leaders and watch the Great American Water Taste Test in person.

Utilities: Write a Letter

Our greatest tool is sharing the ways that Rural Water assists small utilities everyday in the effort to supply their communities with clean, safe, affordable water. These stories are the proof that Rural Water operates effective programs that can reach every utility, from cities to the smallest and most rural community. Utilities that cannot attend Rural Water Rally personally can still support Rural Water’s Efforts to promote funding, technical assistance and sensible regulation for small utilities.

Has Rural Water Helped Your Utility? Write an official letter detailing how Rural Water has assisted your utility and the value they provide to you. Submit this letter to your State Association so they can carry your story with them into their meetings with your elected officials.

Great American Water Taste Test

The annual Great American Water Taste Test will be held at Noon on Wednesday, Feb. 5. Entries will be taken from utilities across the nation that have won their state association taste test. State winners can obtain GAWTT entry forms, mailing labels and deadlines from their State Association.

Thank you to our 2021 GAWTT Participants!

  • Ponderosa Utility Corporation | Flagstaff, Arizona
  • City of Ash Flat Water Department | Ash Flat, Arkansas
  • Honeyville | Honeyville, Utah
  • Fort Garland Water & Sanitation | Fort Garland, Colorado
  • City of Harrisburg | Harrisburg, South Dakota
  • West Autauga Water Authority | Autauga, Alabama
  • Lyon and Sioux Rural Water System | Rock Rapids, Iowa
  • La Jara Mutual Domestic Water Consumers Association | La Jara, New Mexico
  • Stephens County RWD #5 | Marlow, Oklahoma
  • Village of Chatham | Chatham, Illinois
  • City of Rawlins | Rawlins, Wyoming
  • Boone County Consolidated Public Water Supply District 1 | Columbia, Missouri
  • WaterOne | Lenexa. Kansas
  • Storey County Water District | Virginia City, Nevada
  • City of Maynardville | Maynardville, Tennessee
  • City of Evansville | Evansville, Minnesota
  • Valley City Public Works | Valley City, North Dakota
  • Monson Water and Sewer Department | Monson, Massachusetts
  • Rockingham County/Three Springs | McGaheysville, Virginia
  • City of Whittier | Whittier, Alaska
  • City of Hagerman | Hagerman, Idaho
  • Crooked River Ranch Water Company | Terrebone, Oregon
  • Jeff Davis Water District #4 | Jennings, Louisiana
  • Talquin Electric Cooperative- Meridian Hills | Quincy, Florida